I Almost Met My Husband at An Incubus Concert

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No, I’m not talking about marrying Brandon Boyd, but of course a million other girls have marked that claim to the wind countless times since the band’s inception.

The first concert me and my husband, Niño Avenido ever saw together was Incubus in 2004, but we didn’t know each other then. He was the bassist of legendary nu metal band Greyhoundz; I was a miserable single college sophomore who worked as a fashion stylist for music videos to pay for concert tickets.

It was March 2004 on what I could say was a slightly dusty and muddy CCP open grounds. Thousands of white monoblocks sprawled on the concert venue, seats that attendees always think is useless for its purpose, because people rarely sit on rock concerts, but helpful since they would stand on it.

I tried working my way up to the front because security back then was more lax than it is now. There were so many people that evening, I saw a few friends at the front but my tiny self couldn’t get to them. Thinking about it now it would have been amazing to stand beside them, yet had I did, I would have met my Niño earlier than what fate had planned for us since later on I found out that he was with the same group.

He was nearby someone I was crushing on at the time which is the main reason why I wanted to get up front in the first place. I thought it would have been nice to hear “Wish You Were Here” beside your crush – you know, “I constantly think of you when we’re apart.”

I kinda imagined I’d slide up to my crush, then dig our sneakers, well my toes actually (since God knows why I was wearing open-toe sandals in a rock concert) into the sand which is actually Metro Manila soil. I mean, what better way to make a guy think you can be on the same page when hottie Brandon Boyd is right in front of you making all the men in the world think they are inferior to him. What a strategy right? Haha.

Well as fate decided, that didn’t happen. I was left listening to “Here in my Room” in the back, being all emo, like, “Ugh, this party is old and uninviting.” Overreacting yet still enjoying the view, hoping a few more of my friends knew I was there.

“Drive” saved me like a cat screeching under the rain I sang with hope for the future. My plans for branding this soundtrack to the relationship I had hoped for wasn’t happening, “Whatever tomorrow brings!” I was thankful that things didn’t go as planned, that evening was all mine. Nothing else influenced the meaning of the songs more than I already felt about them.

I grew with Incubus at every album. They have released eight studio albums so far. I guess I needed more songs to build up the soundtrack of my life that will lead me to meet “The One.”  They returned to Manila for a second time, then a third. So many many things happened and to cut the long story short, Niño and I got together. In 2015 Incubus performed for the fourth time and it was only then, 11 years after the first concert, that Niño and I got to see the band together.

A year later, we got married. I’d say fate waited for us to finally actually enjoy a concert, one we saw at the same time but apart.

Now Incubus is coming back to Manila for the fifth time this February 17, 2018 at the Araneta Coliseum. What does destiny have in store for all of us in this post-Valentine’s concert?